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MODERN FICTION: Nigel Schroeder’s walks along the railroad tracks in Del Mar, California for a photo shoot promoting the release of James Buffalo & A  Fit Of Bad Dharma. Photographer: Robin Kadfalk.


James Buffalo & A Fit of Bad Dharma (2013), James Buffalo falls in love with his mind, memories of youth and innocence, the safety of his prescription drugs, and the illusion of a great woman. As these loves escape him, what ensues is a portrait of American madness, beauty, and suffering that can only be described as a fit of Bad Dharma.

Set in California, on the washed out shores of the Tired Coast, James Buffalo smiles when he has his pills. He plays the ponies at the racetrack and meets a shirtless man looking to break his “stuck luck.” At the Buffalo estate, a record plays as his brother pours the whiskey and the pretty women and politicians arrive all dressed to the nines. And in the East Hall, a glass falls where James Buffalo stands trying to love it all, thinking only of her.


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